Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema is the industry's leading digital cinema facility in EMEA, providing major Hollywood studios and independent distributors with the highest quality end-to-end mastering, versioning and distribution services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


With a global reputation for service, the strongest production values and a continual commitment to technical investment and innovation,
we create bespoke solutions to suit any brief.


Our Digital Cinema mastering department offers a 24/7 service, allowing for the largest digital cinema mastering capacity in Europe. With 21 mastering stations and a dedicated in-house training scheme to navigate new skill sets and technologies, there is no comparable service operating in EMEA today. The content services team can take footage from almost any source and develop the optimum workflow for any given project, filling in the gaps for an end-to-end service through the in-house subtitling, DFX and digital cinema mastering departments.

From receipt of a finished film (trailer or feature) we have the ability to convert all commercially available data or tape sources to DCDM files and DCP. We offer the world’s largest capacity for re-packaging features and trailers with an in-house capability of over 200 versions a week covering 2D, 3D, high frame rate, foreign dubbed and foreign subbed in 5.1, 7.1, and ATMOS. Deluxe has the ability and scale to deliver anything from local specialist content to a pan-European day and date release.


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Please contact ben.bradley@bydeluxe.com to discuss technical details and bespoke workflow solutions.


Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema has long been at the forefront of theatrical versioning and subtitling technology. Working across multiple formats that include 2D, 3D, HFR, 2K, 4K, IMAX, HD, Pro Res and 35mm, we have the ability to manipulate content to ensure your film reaches its full international potential. Manned by a team of highly skilled technicians, our subtitling systems are capable of managing multiple 2D/3D language releases in very short periods of time. Working with English or pre-translated files in any language, our specialist QC team perform a full conform and QC for all feature, trailer, dubbed and subtitled materials working across 7 theatres with capabilities for Atmos, Auro, HFR, 3D and DBox.

Pioneers of the technology that is now widely offered as ‘Dynamic 3D Subtitling’ we continue to innovate in this area. With 3D facilities in London, LA and Sydney, our bespoke workflows have the ability to meet the demands of high volumes within critical timeframes. In addition to offering the best 3D subtitling solution anywhere in the world, we are expanding to include tailored solutions for multi-platform releases and developing solutions for ATMOS and SMPTE subtitle mastering.

Please contact becs.gordon@bydeluxe.com to discuss technical details and bespoke workflow solutions.


Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema is able to reconstruct bespoke language versions for territories, enhancing its international release potential. Main and end titles, narrative inserts and visual graphics can all be manipulated and re-created - we take great pride in producing foreign titles that are indistinguishable from the original. A deep creative and technical knowledge of everything from typefaces to geometry based motion tracking inspire confidence in even the most protective Director or Studio.

We are able to work seamlessly in 2D, 3D Stereoscopic, High Frame Rate or any other film and digital format for theatrical release right through to deliverables for HD, online and mobile.

Whether releasing in a single foreign language or across thirty different territories with day and date releases, we have the ability and capacity to tailor and deliver your content on time.

Our DFX department specialises in the design and fabrication of original title sequences, motion graphics, narrative visual effects and 3D animation for both theatrical and broadcast. Drawing on years of experience, with skills as diverse as poster design, print advertisement, branding and CGI, the team combines creative passion and raw talent with expertise and technical fluency.


Please contact dan.peck@bydeluxe.com to discuss technical details and bespoke workflow solutions.


At Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema we have specialist servicing teams ensuring that every aspect of the distribution process is professionally managed. Our comprehensive cloning and validation operation is the largest in Europe, allowing up to 196 digital cinema clones to be simultaneously created and validated.

We service KDM generation and distribution to over 90 territories across EMEA and beyond, with an operation that utilises a bespoke software system able to generate and deliver hundreds of keys direct to exhibitors within minutes and a system that facilitates the acceptance of KDM bookings directly from studios and distributors.


Cinema Portal

Now Available! The new online key management platform enabling Exhibitors to access, retrieve and track distribution of their keys.

To register for the Cinema Portal, please click here

KDM Support

A multi-lingual content delivery management team operate the 24/7 helpline and are trained to deal with all queries relating to digital distribution, available on +44 (0) 800 345 7756 and keymanager@bydeluxe.com 


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 French version here
 German version here
 Italian version here
 Spanish version here

Please contact Katerina.foadova@bydeluxe.com to discuss technical details and bespoke workflow solutions.


Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema offers a fully managed HDD and electronic delivery service.  

Whether distributing feature films, trailers, advertising or a live event physically or digitally, Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema, together with our carefully selected third party vendors, offers a complete end-to-end delivery system for content of all shapes and sizes. We have also recently unveiled Direct to Debut,  an online solution for the secure management and reveal of trailer campaign assets. Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema’s exclusive online trailer reveal toolset is designed specifically to cater for large scale online global debuts offering a unified and precise launch of a trailer campaign, protecting the integrity of the content all the way up to the reveal.

Please contact sevan.brown@bydeluxe.com to discuss technical details and bespoke workflow solutions for our digital delivery, andrew.wales@bydeluxe.com for physical and sam.marsh@bydeluxe.com to find out more about Direct to Debut.

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